by Russells

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released February 3, 2017

Jason Jefferies--Music and vocals
John Zittle--Vocals

Music and lyrics by Jason Jefferies
Lyrics to The Study by Joel Barker
Lyrics to (Just Like a) Pendulum by Jason Jefferies and Johnny Escamillo

Recorded at Music By Numbers by Jason Jefferies and Roost Frequency Recording Studio by Wesley Gillespie.

Special thanks to Patrick Boyd and Mike Pepe at Sioux Sioux Studio.

Special thanks to Mark Beddingfield and Michael Wray.



all rights reserved


Russells Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Hey, Hey, Hey Hey
Gonna buy you a retro model
Gonna drive it on out of LA
Fill it up with petrol, baby
Gonna take it on up to the Bay
Well, hey, hey, hey hey
Let their be no mistakes
'cause if you're gonna get it right
Then you might as well get started today
Hey, hey, hey hey

Gonna build you a shelter, baby
Place a welcome mat outside of the door
Gonna paint you a pretty picket fence
Gonna delineate your space
'cause honey, that's what it's for
But you still want more
Oh yeah, you're sleeping with your riches
But you're scared that you're still dreaming poor
Hey, hey, hey hey
Track Name: Shake
I know you've taken a lot of chances
Oh yes, I know you've made a couple mistakes
You spent many a moment wondering
How you're gonna catch your break
You've got time to make moves
And you've got nothing to lose
Besides some meaningless obligations that you might as well shake

I know you've dealt with your disappointments
Oh yes, I know you've had your share of heartaches
You've watched your friends crumble under pressure
And you've seen it turn them into fakes
You've got time to make moves
And you've got nothing to lose
Besides some meaningless obligations that you might as well shake

You've seen your friends bow down to the pusherman
You've seen your friends roped in by the light of their computer screens
You've seen your friends lose their minds to the government
You've seen your friends lose their minds for the sake of their families
But she never loved him...

I know you made a lot of choices that you regret
And you've got a couple more left to make
But the world ain't gonna give you nothing, baby
If you don't know what to reach out and take
You've got time to make moves
And you've got nothing to lose
Besides some meaningless obligations that you might as well shake
Track Name: The Study
You were the son of the man
Who left his house
That sat on the lawn and watched the river

You were the boy who spread his arms
Who swayed on the grass
And stared at your fingers
So far away

Oh, yeah you'd go through the night
Go shoot through the air
No one could hold you down
But you fell down

Oh, yeah you glowed in the spotlight
Glowed in the spotlight
You got caught by the camera midflight

And you were singing out

Don't look so close at me
I am best viewed from a distance
I am no subject for your study
I should be viewed from a distance

Some things fly but most things fall
Some people want to build you up
But most want to hold you down
Sometimes you catch yourself
With your arms outstretched
And you're standing back on the lawn

And now you're the son of the man
Who lives in the house
That mows his lawn by the river
You don't fly much anymore
You've got to get up in the morning
You've got dishes in the sink
Dishes that need cleaning

Some things fly, but most things fall
Some things fly
Track Name: (Just Like a) Pendulum
Hey there, little birdie
Have you caught your worm today?
You know that I can't understand
All those silly things you say
Because it's too early
And I've been up too late
Oh honey, I'm not gonna sway
From my wicked ways

So come on, pretty lady
Put your hands up in the sky
Please don't ask me why
Let's just get high
You know you're just like a pendulum
Swinging back and forth
So honey, I don't want to go
South or north

Precious fallen angel
How did you earn those wings?
You've tried to turn my head
With the most explosive things
You know you're just like an atom bomb
Detonating in the sky
I want to ride that cloud
Yeah, I'm gonna kiss this world goodbye
Track Name: Mrs. Chatterley
Constance wanted a lover
So she asked me for a hand
I inquired after her husband
I knew he was a real good man
She said she needed to tell somebody
She said she knew I would understand
All she wanted was for someone to love her
All that she needed was for somewhere to land

She told me about her problems
She told me about her dreams
She assured me that she was a real good girl
That she was not any tease
She wanted me to tell her things would be alright
She wanted someone to mend her dreams
Because her husband had lost all of his lovin' capabilities
And you know that's a shame

Constance stirred out of her slumber
And she asked me for the time
She said she trusted I would keep her secret
Even though her husband was a friend of mine
Because she knew that I would never disappoint him
She knew I would tow the line
All she wanted was for someone to hear her
All that she needed was for someone to pine after her

That's what she wants
That's what she needs
That's all she wants
That's what her heart needs
That's all she wants
That's what she needs
Track Name: State of the Union
I sold my favorite record for a dollar at the liquor store
The taxman is knocking at my cellar door
Receipts, 1040s and W9s
It takes a lot of paper to stay in line

I stood out by the highway with an empty coffee tin in my hand
I sold my only guitar, I quit my only band
RVs, sedans and the company car
You lose a lot of yourself before you know who you are

Still, you insist you left the light on if I ever feel like coming back home
And you insist you stoked the fire in the basement, gonna keep me warm
There ain't a thing that I could do to wrong you
There ain't no need to make things right

Let me tell you that I've been running on empty
Everything's alright
Ain't nothing wrong
Just turn the radio on

There is a light
And it will guide us through the night
And I believe
In destiny and human decency
And I believe that fortune will descend upon the fates of man
Who keep their heads out of the clouds
And keep their eyes upon the grind

I need to let you know I've been running on empty
Everything's alright
Ain't nothing wrong
Just turn the radio on
Track Name: The Heat
Oh, Johnny was a rockstar
And Suzy was a freak
The got high on Robotussin
Before they hit the streets
Of San Francisco, Louisiana...
It doesn't matter where it was
They just tried to rock the people
They just tried to catch a buzz
It's alright to scratch the surface
As long as you're cool
Ain't no need for misbehavior
Ain't no need to play the fool
That's how Johnny got famous
And Suzy freaked out
On the streets of Portland, Oregon
Once the bottom fell out

But it ain't no business of yours
They've got the heat coming out of their pores
Ain't no need to look back
When you ain't left nothing behind
They're riding high on eights and fours
They've got the heat coming out of their pores
No need to turn back the clock
When you know this shit is right on time

Now Johnny is a drunkard
And Suzy is a nurse
She likes to stash an Oxycontin
In the bottom of her purse
It doesn't matter where they've been
It doesn't matter where they went
At the end of the day
She just needs to feel spent
Not like two quarters and a dollar
That you spend on a Coke
But like the way that Johnny feels
Right after he starts to choke
On a shot of Evan Williams
That goes down the wrong way
So that he has to drink another
And another
And another
Track Name: Ride On (Spurs)
Down on the farm
Where the red fern grows
We didn't have no money
We didn't have no fancy clothes
My ma and pa
They told me son
If you want something out of your life
You better run
So I packed my bag
And my old guitar
And I grabbed enough food to get me plenty far
Then I looked at pa
And I said 'How can I repay?'
And my old man, he turned away

And he said:

Ride on, lonesome cowboy
You know you must ride on
Ride on down that dusty highway
You better ride on down that road
You've got the spurs jangling off your boots
The wind blowing at your back
You know it's high time you paid your dues
But you don't know how to act
Ride on, weary stranger
You better ride on down that road

I rode for seven days
Until I found a town
Where a man like me could settle down
A fertile piece of land
Down in San Antone
Where the coyotes cry and the buffalo roam
I found a job
Working for the man
I paid my rent on time
Doing the best I can
Until the day the landlord heard me play my guitar
He said 'Son, you've got to hit that road, you're gonna go far."
Track Name: U Don't Know Y
Dear Mr. Policeman,

Who do you think you are?
Clinging on to that baton...
That's right, you're a superstar.
When you go home at night and you lay your sidearm down, do you just sit around?
Do you believe that man was destined to fall?
Do you believe that justice is best served by law?
When you go home at night, or when you prepare for the day, do you ever look at your reflection and say, or do you question whether

You are living a lie
and you don't know why?

All the people don't know what they want
All the people don't mean what they say
All the people just want to feel real nice
To get by from day to day

I really don't mean to ride you
I'm just trying to sort this through
I imagine myself walking around in your shoes
I imagine if I were you
I'd look in the mirror and I'd say that

You are living a lie
And you don't know why
You don't know why

They say that rock and roll
Will never die
Do you want to know why?
Do you want to know why?